Sunday, November 22, 2009

a few little notes

First, I just have to share with you all that one of my favorite bloggers has posted an awesome update! Vegan Satori has given us yet another amazing travel-log - everything he ate on his most recent Walt Disney World trip, along with pictures! Click here to read this amazing blog (and be sure to bring a snack, because his tasty descriptions are sure to make you hungry!).

Next up, I just want to clarify a little something that a nice reader named Molly pointed out to me: the intro on for the Vegetarian/Vegan Counter-Service Meals In the Parks page states: "I believe that all Disney french fries are vegan, except for those clearly advertised as McDonald's fries. (I believe that McDonalds has discontinued the beef flavoring, but they may contain dairy and wheat)." Well, as far as I know, there are no longer any McDonald's products in the parks. I believe they have all been phased out. However, there are still two McD's on Disney property. So, for any vegetarians who might have taken this as a signal that McD's fries are now, in fact, vegetarian, I'm afraid this might not be the case. It appears that McDonald's is again (or still?) using beef flavoring in their fries. This will be corrected on the next update, but I wanted to give everyone a warning.

And last but not least... I received a wonderful e-mail from a reader names Michelle. She was nice enough to fill me in on her latest trip to the WDW. Just to give you some highlights that might be helpful to future travelers: She had an awesome breakfast at 'Ohana (Lilo & Stitch character meal). After speaking with the chef, she received an amazing tofu scramble prepared with tamari sauce, snow peas, and other goodies. She also received a vegetarian enchilada with veggie cowboy beans at Whispering Canyon Cafe. The chefs at both Tusker House and Crystal Palace (both buffets) also made sure they were well taken care of. Her only disappointment was the princess breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. (I will say again that the draw here has never been the food. It's the thrill of eating in the castle with princesses. But given the price and difficulty in getting ressies, you *really* have to want this.)

And yet one more update! As I was typing this up, I received an e-mail from Doug, telling me that the WDW Special Diets people have told him that "you can go to the Main Street Bakery at Magic Kingdom and speak with a manager or chef, and they will prepare a "to go" box meal to pick up for lunch or dinner later in the day (but they don't take advance requests before the day you want it)." This is totally news to me, but I might just have to check it out for myself on my next trip! Speaking of which, that next trip is getting closer. Expect some really detailed updates from me in the not-too-distant future. Until then, happy Disney dining!