Monday, August 2, 2010

quick, tiny, IMPORTANT update

No time for a proper post, but I just got the news from a fellow vegan that Chef TJ has relocated again. That AMAZING feast I had at 'Ohana last December is now a thing of the past. However, Chef TJ is still at Walt Disney World, so there is hope for a new special TJ experience. Word is that he's now working at one of the restaurants at the Grand Floridian. I've been trying to determine which restaurant - will post as soon as I have confirmation. I will also be doing my darndest to get ressies at said restaurant for our upcoming trip later this year... after which there will be some real updates to this site again.

If you know where Chef TJ is, please let me know. Thanks to Jordan for breaking the news to me, and to Vegan Satori for confirming it on his blog!


vegansatori said...

He's definitely at 1900 Park Fare. I've spoken to him on the phone, and his schedule (at least though November) is Saturday-Wednesday with Thursday and Fridays off.

I'm eager to see how the change in location will affect what he's able to do.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bashful and vegansatori--
Thanks for the info! I'm going to be at WDW in early October and I was trying to catch up with him, but couldn't figure out where he was going to be. vegansatori, do you know if he's doing breakfast or just dinner?

vegansatori said...

Hey TFB,
Unless something has drastically changed, I believe he's only doing dinner. His schedule at 'Ohana was basically from Noon-1 or 2am.

I don't know for sure, but I'd be very surprised if he's doing anything but dinners at the GF too. Sorry!