Saturday, May 7, 2011

worth a look

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... where's Mexico? No worries - I *did* find some vegan treats in Mexico, and I promise I will blog about them soon. I think I'm just procrastinating, because it's the LAST country. Whatever am I going to write about until my next Disney trip? (Sadly, the next trip is still many months away. Sigh. But I have an idea of what I'll do for blog posts after that one. Then again, I'm always looking for ideas. Is there anything "Disney-vegan" related that you'd like to see me post about?)

Today, I'm just stopping in to share a link to the official Disney blog. There was an article posted last week that's worth a look: Best Vegetarian Eats in Walt Disney World Theme Parks. It's not 100% accurate (beware of meat in the Cobb Salad at Brown Derby), and keep in mind that many of these suggestions are lacto-ovo vegetarian (though many are "veganizable"), but I still get excited at vegetarian Disney posts. I strongly recommend reading the comments, too - not just the official post. Some of the readers have contributed even more suggestions, many of them vegan. It's nice to see Disney addressing this issue, and it's nice to see how many comments this article generated. We're not alone!

Happy Vegan Disney Dining!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty,

I can't wait for your Mexico post, but in the meantime, I'd love to see you do a blog on your top 5 favorite vegan counterservice meals, top 5 sit-down meals and top 5 snacks and then your readers could also post theirs so that we'd all have a whole list of new things to try on our upcoming trips. Thanks for a great blog!


Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention...check out A.J.'s Disney Food Blog today, it's all about snacks for special diets, including's the link:

Bashful said...

Great idea, Gabriella! And thanks for the link!

~ Kitty