Wednesday, May 20, 2009

picnics and the animal kingdom lodge

Two bits of exciting news! First, you may have all heard about the "Picnic in the Park" being offered at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The park is now offering a "picnic lunch" all wrapped up in a nice reusable bag. You purchase the lunch, and then you can eat it at any of the nice "picnic spots" around the park. This is such a beautiful park that a picnic sounds like a pretty good idea. However, when it was first announced, the meal options were pretty much what you would expect: meat, meat or meat. But never fear - Disney has come through for us veggie lovers! They now offer a portobello mushroom and vegetable wrap, along with a number of veggie and fruit side options! I have yet to confirm if the wrap is vegan, but I'm guessing that it will be. You can check out the menu and details here, at If anyone tries this, I'd love to hear your opinion!

And in our second bit of exciting news, the new restaurant, Sanaa, at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, has officially opened. This restaurant is part of the new Disney Vacation Club section added onto the lodge. Unlike the other two (wonderful) restaurants at the lodge, this one was designed so that the savannah comes almost right up to the windows, offering some amazing views of grazing animals while you dine. I had hoped that, as with the other two restaurants, this one would be reasonably veggie-friendly - and it appears to be even better than hoped! They actually have both a vegetarian menu and a vegan menu! How's that for veggie-friendly! Thanks to, the first reports from diners are in, and while the menu is just a bit exotic for some, in general the reviews seem to be positive - though I haven't yet heard from a vegetarian or vegan. I'm not sure when my next trip to the World will be, but you can bet I'll be adding Sanaa to my "must try" list!

That's it for today. My plan is to begin work on an article about the off-site veggie-friendly restaurants in the Orlando area. I never seem to be able to tear myself away from Disney property on my own visits, so I'm going to have to rely entirely on the information I've received from others. If you have any info or advice, please let me know! I know this is a subject of some interest to vacationing Disney diners, so hopefully I can shed at least a little light on the subject.

Happy Disney Dining!

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