Wednesday, November 3, 2010

new buns...

In anticipation of my next trip to the World, I e-mailed, and asked a few questions. I'm still awaiting some restaurant-specific info (and suspect that I won't really have more on that until I get back from my trip), but I did learn something new.

I asked about the veggie burgers. During my last trip (December 2009), the standard counter-service vegetarian burger was a very veggie-type Gardenburger, on a non-vegan bun. By request (which means, speaking with a manager), you could order this veggie burger on a "gluten-free" vegan roll. These burgers are sadly not as tasty, in my humble opinion, as the Boca burgers they used to serve, but with enough toppings, they are edible. However, the gluten-free rolls are rather dry, tasteless and crumbly. Again, better than nothing, but not the best bun for holding together a veggie burger with enough toppings to drown out the flavor.

While it sounds as if the veggie burgers remain the same (I was just told it's still a Gardenburger burger), there is a new vegan bun option. The letter I received says "We also carry a new Angus Burger brand Multigrain Bun which is vegan friendly". I will have to report back after I've actually tried this new bun, but I'm very excited about the possibility of improvement!

Look for some major blog updates from me near the end of the year. Once again, I plan to attempt to photograph everything I eat, and take notes. Sadly, my pocketbook won't allow me to try everything, but hopefully I'll have some new tasty finds to share.

And if you've actually tried this new bun, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks, and Happy Disney Veggie Dining! ºoº

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C'est La Vegan said...

Can't wait to read about your next trip! My husband and I are going to Disneyworld with my parents and sister's family in the spring, and your blog has been so helpful! Like you, I'm a somewhat bashful vegan and hate feeling like I'm being difficult. I've loved reading about your experiences and really appreciate all the tips that offer.