Sunday, March 1, 2009

disney vegan news

From the beginning, I've been a little lost about what to do with this blog. However, my goal has always been to share helpful or useful information, most likely related to Disney, or veganism (or bashfulness). So, after pretty much ignoring this poor blog for months, I've decided to give it another go. With no other plan in mind except to share info, here's a couple of random vegan Disney notes:

I have learned from some helpful vegan correspondents that the amazing Chef TJ has moved. The bad news is that he is no longer creating incredible dining experiences for us vegans at Boma. The good news is that he can now be found at 'Ohana, at Disney's Polynesian Resort - and first reports tell me that he is as eager as ever to please those of the veggie persuasion.

I've also heard that there are some good options at Captain Cooks, if you're staying at the Polynesian - chocolate soy milk (becoming more common all around the "World"!), chocolate chip cookies, Lays potato chips, and frozen desserts.

For anyone who hasn't already heard, Disney is now selling Divvies at many of their bakeries. These little goodies are prepackaged vegan sweets. I've encountered chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and caramel corn. They are out in the open at the Magic Kingdom's Main Street Bakery, and they have been available at the Boardwalk Bakery by asking (but not visible from the line). I've also encountered them at a couple of sit-down restaurants when I asked about dessert. While they aren't the most amazing treat ever (most likely because they are prepackaged), they will do in a pinch when a cookie craving hits. My guess is that they are kept behind the counter at all the bakeries now, so don't hesitate to ask, even if you don't see them on display.

Was this helpful? Should I keep posting news and updates, when I get them? I could really use some feedback, to know if I'm on the right track. Thanks!

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Amber said...

Hey Kitty! I just wanted to let you know I love your blog! As a new vegan I am always needing tips and you and your blog are so helpful! I'm so glad to see you bloging again!