Tuesday, March 31, 2009

quick note

No time for a full post tonight, but I just found another wonderful Disney vegan blog - how cool is that?! Y'all have to check this out: Vegan in Disney World. Shame on me for not seeing this sooner!

I'll be back soon, with a "part 2" to my table talk. I realized two things about that post: first, I left out a LOT of restaurants (which was inevitable - there are so many!), and second, I focused completely on the "good" experiences. Of course it's more fun to talk about the good ones, but knowing what to avoid is important, too. So, look for a follow-up soon, with more good, a little bad, and maybe one or two uglies.

Happy Disney Dining!


waltdisneyworlders - Vegan in Disney said...

trying to figure this out....

veganindisney said...

Yippee -- It worked! (I should have asked my husband 5 weeks ago! lol)

Kitty, Thanks so much for the link. My blog doesn't hold a candle to yours, but hopefully someday I will have enough trips under my belt to make it a close second!