Wednesday, March 4, 2009

some potentially great news, and a shout-out

I heard the most wonderful news about Walt Disney World a couple of months ago, and thought that I probably should have shared it here with all of you. Sadly, though, when I went to double-check this news this morning, I found that it might have been innaccurate. But just in case there is any truth at all to it, I want to share. Thanks to the All About the Mouse Podcast (which, by the way, totally rocks), I heard that Walt Disney World is no longer going to serve fois gras in any of its restaurants. According to the report, Disney was making no claims of an intentional "humane decision" - they would only state for the record that "menus change, etc." For those of you not familiar with this culinary "delicacy", let's just say that it is just about the most inhumanely produced food item I've ever had the displeasure to learn about. However, sadly, when I went to double-check the menus, I still see it listed at Bistro de Paris. Now, it's possible that the menu is old and has since been changed. That's what I am sincerely hoping. I did immediately write to Disney when I initially heard the news and told them "Thank You!". (I just got the usual generic response that they received my message and appreciated the feedback.) If it's true, YAY Disney!

And while I'm here tonight, I just wanted to take this opportunity to sing my praises for the best Disney website on the planet - If you haven't checked it out before, you really need to have a look-see. Every question you've ever had about Walt Disney World, and a whole lot of questions you never even thought of, are answered in detail here. You'll find menus for every restaurant, pix and descriptions of every resort, reviews of all the tours, and even charts of the vegetarian and vegan meals available (updated by yours truly, though not nearly as well or as often as I should).

In other news, "bashful" is trying very hard to come out of her shell a bit, in order to share a bit more with the vegan community. I've added a link below my picture so you can all e-mail me if you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, complaints, whatever. (Please be gentle with me, though - I'm still learning!)

Happy Disney Dining!

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