Saturday, January 29, 2011

around the world in a day

As promised, I did a little more research on my last Disney trip. While wandering around World Showcase in Epcot one day, I discovered some new vegan treats I hadn't noticed before. It got me to wondering just how many other vegan treats might be found... and an idea was born. Armed with a camera and a notebook, I spent an afternoon walking the entire World Showcase, checking out the gift shops in each country, looking for anything vegan.

Because I'm such a slow blogger, I'm just going to take this one country at a time - one country per post. I'm going to take you into each country, working my way counter-clockwise around the lagoon, and tell you what I found. How 'bout I start with Canada, eh?

I have to say that I was actually quite disappointed, and surprised, by the lack of offerings in Canada, because it had been such a good stop in the past. Maple is, of course, the flavor of choice here, and usually they have a nice variety of vegan maple syrup goodies, such as candy and cookies. This time - nothing... not a single maple-flavored anything to be found. I was so surprised that I actually swallowed my bashfulness, and asked a Cast Member. She said that they were just "out", and to check back another time. Out? Out of every single maple syrup *anything*? Hmmmm... doesn't sound right to me, but I do hope it's a temporary thing.

I did find some rice, though. I'm not sure it qualifies as a "treat", but at least it was vegan.

However, while Canada might be lacking in food for the tummy, at least they have some nice food for the "soul". The Canada pavilion is home to my all-time favorite Disney entertainment - the Celtic rock band called Off Kilter. (How can you not love these cute guys in kilts?!) Their music is really terrific, and they are just so much fun to watch - lots of "antics" on-stage.

Okay, I promise I had better luck with treats in other countries, so be sure to check back, as I work my way around the World!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic and fun idea to search around the world showcase for vegan snacks! As a Canadian, I'm disappointed that they didn't have any vegan snacks for you but to tell you the truth, maple-flavored food is big on the east coast (Quebec/Ontario especially) where there are an abundance of Maple trees but not so much on the west coast, like Vancouver, where we live. When I want to send, what our family in France considers "typical Canadian food", for Christmas, I have a hard time finding maple tea, cookies and candies so I end up shopping in the tourist sections of large department stores or I'm forced to go to gift shops at local tourist attractions! Luckily, real maple syrup is much easier to come by. Hopefully, Epcot will stock up soon! I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts...keep 'em coming, eh! Gabriella:)

vegansatori said...

I was totally planning on doing this on our next trip! You beat me!

I look forward to seeing what else you found.