Sunday, January 16, 2011

thank you to my readers!

This is just a quick post, to say thank you to all the readers who have commented here, or sent me e-mails. I generally don't "comment on the comments", but I do read them, and appreciate them very much. (I do, however, try my best to respond to every e-mail.)

A recent reader was kind enough to take the time to point out one of my mistakes. I have corrected the original post, but for anyone who was previously mislead by it: apparently, Divvies jelly beans (and gumballs - not mentioned in the post) are NOT vegan. Their cookies, and their popcorn products, are vegan, as far as I can tell, but the jelly beans have confectioner's glaze and beeswax. I hadn't bought any, and for some reason, didn't read the package this time (my bad). Divvies is very careful about avoiding "allergens", but not all of their products are vegan.

On a more positive note, I did catch an article on the Internet that I thought might be of interest to my readers. Apparently, the Fairmont Hotels chain is making a chain-wide decision to make sure all their restaurants have both vegan and gluten-free meal options, as well as options for diabetics, and those on a macrobiotic or raw food diet. It's quite an impressive move - something I hope will catch on elsewhere. I realize that this isn't Disney-related, but it is vegan and "travel" related. If you're curious: Luxury Hotel Chain Caters to Guests with Special Diets.

That's all for today. Happy vegan dining!

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Angie said...

You blog is so helpful. My boyfriend and I are both vegan and my parents are vegetarian and we are thinking of planning a disney vacation soon. I am also allergic to gluten so that makes things extra frustrating, but it seems like substituting that GF bun will work out in a lot of situations. Do you know where I can find the ingredients list for the veggie burger they have? I am wondering if it is gluten free. Also do you know of any other blogs about Disney Vegan AND gluten free dining?

I am pretty obsessed with Disney, myself. Every time it comes to making a decision on where to vacation, I always suggest Disney and I usually get my way! Last time we went a few years ago my boyfriend and I were vegetarian and I didn't realize it was the gluten in food that was bothering me, so dining at disney was so easy, mac and cheese and french fries! hah I was worried that this time we go I would be living off of salads, especially since I am WAY too shy to ask people to make stuff special for me, but your blog has given me hope! hah