Sunday, December 20, 2009

a bashful vegan WDW holiday - day 1

As I have so completely enjoyed reading similar blog posts from other vegans, I am going to write out a complete food report of our recent Walt Disney World vacation, listing pretty much everything I ate during our whole trip. I am sad to report that some of this will probably serve more as a "what not to do" primer, but if it helps any other vegans to have a better vacation, then it's worth it.

First, let me just start by saying that I had a wonderful vacation. Walt Disney World never fails to amaze me. In my opinion, the magic and wonder are as alive as ever. But, this is the bashful "vegan" blog, so onto the food.

Day 1 - Saturday, December 5. I mentioned the cookies in my last post, but didn't clarify. They're made by the AlternativeBaking Company (ABC), and are available from most online vegan sources (as well as, surprisingly, the Columbus airport!). As for the flight itself, they did offer a couple of free snacks, neither of which was vegan (for those who avoid honey) - honey-roasted peanuts and some sort of cheese cracker.

We arrived close to lunch-time, and the Clif bar I'd had at the airport was wearing off. (For the record, I always carry Clif bars on vacation - I had one with me pretty much at all times. While I don't often eat them at home - too many calories for my newer, healthier diet - they are such a blessing on vacations. Tasty, filling, and easy to carry - I rely on them when vegan food is scarce or inconvenient.) As we were staying at the Boardwalk Villas Resort, we decided to just make a quick stop at the Boardwalk Bakery for something easy. I settled for a fresh fruit cup and some chips. This was one of the few times I forgot to take a photo, but it was nothing memorable. I'm glad that fresh fruit is pretty easy to find at Walt Disney World (though a bit pricey), but in general it's not a substitute for a meal.

By dinnertime, I was looking for something a bit more substantial, so we headed for an old favorite: Sunshine Seasons, in the land pavilion in Epcot. The Asian station here used to offer a vegetarian entree, which was actually a combination of all their veggie side dishes. It was tasty and filling, and is sadly no longer listed on the menu. However, it's possible that you could still request it - it looked like they still had all the dishes that make it up. Instead, they now offer a Tofu and Vegetable Noodle Bowl, which I decided to try. It was a scoop of stir-fried veggies, a scoop of the lo mein noodles, a scoop of soft tofu cubes, and some vegetable broth. Quite tasty and filling - I was actually very happy with it. To finish it off, I went ahead and got some Divvies chocolate chip cookies. While these are not my absolute favorite, I'm just thrilled to see vegan cookies sitting out in the open. (They also had gluten-free brownies readily available.)

Over-all, not a bad dinner. And the end of day one. I will be posting each day separately, so be on the look-out for day two, and our first of four "sit-down" meals!

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