Sunday, December 27, 2009

a bashful vegan WDW holiday - day 7

Friday, December 11 - yup, breakfast in the room again. Actually, I had a little trouble with breakfast - still recovering from all that food I ate last night!

By lunchtime, I was feeling better, and I was actually hungry. We were at the Magic Kingdom, so I decided to once again, brave the veggie burger, but this time, I tried Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Cafe. Different restaurant, same procedure. I tried every-which-way to just order the veggie burger with the tapioca gluten-free roll, but the cast member was clueless. I gave up, said the "A" word (allergies), and waited for the manager. It didn't matter that I had already seen "the book". I had to look at it and confirm that, yes, this is what I want, I'm ordering this of my own free-will, and I will take all responsibility for the consequences. This time, I did order the fries, and the manager didn't stop me. Was there a possibility of cross-contamination? Probably. Does that make me a bad vegan? Maybe. Am I worried about that? No. Unlike Cosmic Ray's, this restaurant doesn't have chicken nuggets. They do have a full fried chicken meal, so I suppose it's possible they fry those together. I didn't ask, didn't want to know. But if the possibility bothers you, by all means please *ask*.

Well, no matter how you embellish it, this burger is just bad. Don't hate me - just my opinion - but I liked the Boca burgers a heck of a lot better, especially on the old buns (which, in hindsight, may or may not have been vegan). It wasn't very enjoyable, but at least I didn't leave hungry. Here's a picture of the plain burger, before I embellished it:

Dinner was whatever we could find left in the hotel room.

Okay, not much for this post, either, but the next one will include a real live actual "good" table-service review - I promise!

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember what ingredients are in the veggie burger? I'm a vegetarian and a picky one at that... I'm glad they have the ingredient book, but wanted to find out ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

Thanks! :)