Sunday, December 27, 2009

a bashful vegan WDW holiday - day 5

Wednesday, December 9, and again, my usual breakfast in the room.

Oh, I did miss one small detail from yesterday... Tuesday evening, we decided to enjoy a leisurely stroll around World Showcase, and I decided to try a little something that had been recommended by other Disney fans. I don't often drink (well, almost never, really), but it was a vacation, so I splurged on a margarita from Mexico. I did actually try to take a picture of it, but sadly, it didn't turn out. (If you're going to take a picture of food outside, at night, I think you need to find a suitable backdrop, or something.) I had confirmed in advance, via e-mail with Special Diets, that the margaritas are actually vegan. However, the cast member couldn't absolutely guarantee that there wasn't a possibility of cross-contamination during preparation, so if that's a concern, you may want to ask. Anyway, it was actually very tasty - expensive, but by Disney standards, probably not a bad deal. (I believe they're $8.99 for a pretty decent-sized drink.) I ended up trying two of these during my vacation: the strawberry, and the "fiesta" (strawberry, mango and lime). The fiesta is certainly pretty, but I'm not a big lime fan. However, both the strawberry and mango were really tasty.

Today was a fairly boring meal day, so I'll just throw in another detail. I did make it a point to stop by the Boardwalk Bakery, when there wasn't a line, and ask what they "could do for a vegan". I usually do this most trips - sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not-so-much. This time around, not-so-much. They did say they could bake me an entire vegan cake with 48 hours notice. It's a nice option, but I'd have to have a special occasion, I think, to justify it, and I couldn't eat a whole cake by myself. (Well, maybe over the course of a week. Okay, yeah, I probably *could*, but I definitely shouldn't!) Aside from that, they normally have Divvies, but were out. I'm afraid that was it.

So, today was shopping day. We always have to go to Downtown Disney at least once, though I must confess that I hadn't really thought through just how crowded it might get this close to Christmas. It was a madhouse! But, yes, I should have expected that. So after working up a hunger standing in the longest line ever at World of Disney, we headed for Earl of Sandwich, where I got my usual house salad. It used to be that you could more or less custom-order it. You'd tell them what you want as they prepared it. However, I'm guessing that the crazy long lines they get here made that impractical. You can make special requests, but you have to do it when you order. I just asked for the house salad, no croutons, with Italian dressing. Everything else on this salad is vegan. I enjoyed it, and at $5.95, it seemed like a reasonable deal. (I did have to add a snack bar to make a meal out of this. Earl of Sandwich does sell chips and fresh fruit cups as well.)

We ended up hitting Epcot after this, and sort of skipped our ritual mid-day break. In the end, we decided to make it an early night, and just had dinner in the room. (I had a microwaved baked potato, and some frozen peas. Okay, I probably also had some sort of treat from my stash, too.)

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